Tools for financial discipline. (4 Hrs, Max 8 Students)

This course teaches you how to setup a personal budget, balance a bank account, establish a savings plan, manage debt and increase net-worth.  Exercises are included for students to work on their own cases.  In addition to knowledge, students will be given practical tools to be successful beyond the course.

I.       How to setup a personal budget

a.     Lesson on personal budgeting

b.     Review of provided budgeting spreadsheet template

c.      Budgeting exercise using template                              

II.       How to track and balance a bank account

a.     Lesson on how to track and forecast the cash flow in your bank account.

b.     Review of provided cash flow tracking spreadsheet template

c.      Cash flow tracking and forecasting exercise                                      

III.       How to setup a savings plan and develop an automatic savings habit.

a.     Lesson on saving and how to automate it.

b.     Why is it important to develop a savings habit and how it can benefit you.   

IV. Debt Management

a.     How to track your debt

b.     Techniques for reducing debt

c.     How to efficiently use debt to build wealth

V.    Net Worth Management

a.     How to calculate your net worth

b.     How to track you net worth

c.     How financial decision making impacts your net worth

VI.  How to put it all together to build wealth and financial security.