Programs are offered onsite at schools and community centers.  Contact us to get one started at your school or center.

Morning Enrichment @ Bellalago Academy

  • A student enrichment program consisting of four 8 to 9 week sessions for grades 1 to 5
  • In this exciting STEAM program, students will learn strategic thinking through chess, become financially literate (personal finance, economics, entrepreneurship, investing), develop communication and reasoning skills through debate, and practice engineering concepts by building robots, machines and electronics. They will also sharpen their math skills by solving real world math problems.

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AES - Chess Scholars

  • A 6 to 8 week program for grades 1 to 8
  • Develop your child's intellect through the fun game of chess!  Current research has shown a strong link between chess and academic performance in a variety of areas, including math and language arts.  No previous knowledge of chess is necessary.  Each class will consist of a fun, interactive teaching period and guided practice time.  There will also be a chess competition with prizes towards the end of the session!  Each child will receive a participation medal and a chess key chain.
  • Beginners and Advance Programs

AES - Let's Build It Engineering - Robotics

  • A 6 to 8 week program for grades 1 to 6
  • Enter into the fascinating world of robotics.  In this exciting STEAM program, students will design, build and test their vary own robots under the guidance of an experienced AES instructor.  Projects include remote control cars, claws, cranes, crawlers and battle bots.  Educational components include gear ratios, mechanical design, electronics and robotics engineering.  No previous experience is necessary, just a desire to have fun, build and learn.  Each student will receive an award on the last day of the session and have the opportunity to earn Energy Belts to demonstrate their learned skills!