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Financial Literacy Seminar

Tools for financial discipline. (4 Hrs, Max 8 Students ) 

This course teaches you how to setup a personal budget, balance a bank account, establish a savings plan, manage debt and increase net-worth.  Exercises are included for students to work on their own cases.  In addition to knowledge, students will be given practical tools to be successful beyond the course.

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Financial Life Skills - Individuals With Disabilities

Finance skills to operate independently. (4 Hrs, Max 6 Students) 

This course teaches special needs students how to manage a bank account, complete an in store purchase transaction, understand and complete basic transaction math calculations.  During this course there will be a field visit to a local store for students to complete a purchase activity, showcasing what they have learned.

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Income Investing Seminar

Build Wealth with Cash Flow. (4 hrs, Max 8 Students)

This course teaches you how to utilize Certificates of Deposits, Bonds, Master Limited Partnerships (MLP's), Closed End Funds, Exchange Traded Funds (ETF's) and Options to generate monthly cash flow income.  This income can be used to live on or reinvested to grow your portfolio.  This program is a building block for our investment club.  (Disclaimer: Investing is not without risk!)

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Investment Club

Year Round Program with In Person Meetings Twice per Month 

This is a year round investment club designed for teenagers and adults. You will learn how to earn, save and invest your money, skills that will last a lifetime. Specifically, participants will learn how to invest and generate income using certificates of deposits, bonds, stocks, master limited partnerships, business development companies, close end funds, exchange traded funds, options and real estate..

Participants can join anytime throughout the year.  Each participant will learn what to buy (Fundamental Analysis), when to buy and sell (Technical Analysis) and have discussions about investment strategies and market conditions.  This knowledge can then be used to develop and manage your own portfolio.

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