Stefan Koehler

"We hired Shellee to tutor our two sons in elementary math to help prepare them for the upcoming school year. Her level of preparation for each session exceeded our expectations, and she was able to engage the children in a way that made them want to learn more. With Shellee's high level of math knowledge and creativity, both children have improved their math skills and have increased their confidence."

Marvin & Joan Clark

"When our teenage son fell behind with his homework, we contacted Shellee to help him catch up and to fill in the gaps with the more difficult concepts he was missing. The patience and attention to detail she demonstrated were exactly what our son needed at the time. She made him feel comfortable with the material and provided the encouragement he needed to fully complete his assignments with excellence."

Everett Scott

"The Income Investing Course was detailed with a lot of resources, hands-on and great examples."

Carlos Ortiz

"The Income Investing Course was excellent!"